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This site will provide resources for people looking to travel to Humboldt County, California, hoping to experience some of the local wonder.

420 Friendly Rooms

Book yourself a room with a view... and a bong! Every listing here is 420 friendly, and sometimes even more than friendly! Get a mint on the pillow and a bud in your bowl. Don't want to travel with your dab rig? Be sure to ask with our cannabis friendly lodging.

Locally Grown Cannabis closeup

Locally Grown Cannabis

Get your pesticide free, clean tested cannabis to smoke, dab, eat, or otherwise absorb at one of Humboldt's many dispensaries. From One Log to McKinleyville, there are plenty of places to purchase clean legal weed.

Farm Visits

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Humboldt County is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I'm so happy to have found this place. The fact that cannabis has been a major part of the culture here for over 50 years can be felt in almost every aspect of life in Humboldt. I can't wait to come back to Humboldt!
Roger Fubuis
Business Owner

Humboldt Make Happy Humans

Come to the heart of the Emerald Triangle.

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