“It’s important to see cannabis as our fuel, it’s our grandest opportunity to weave the ideals & lifestyle that we live by into the fabric of society. We see business, community, and the earth as one and the same.

It’s rooted in the current culture of Humboldt County. It’s at the forefront of changing the world in a positive way. It doesn’t happen too often, especially with businesses. But this cannabis revolution is our chance to instill a different lifestyle to make the world a better place, through our actions as humans, as our practices as businesses, as healers, providers, farmers, leaders.”

— Stephen Gieder


This site is Empowered by Humboldt Green, a company that produces cannabis events like Cannifest, Humboldt Green Week, the Yes We CANN Parade, as well as do community organizing, like the free public Cannabis Farmers Workshop Series. We are also the founders of 1 Degree Consulting, a cannabis business consulting team dedicated to bringing farmers out of the darkness and into the legal books, allowing cannabis farmers to be proud of what they do, as well as creating a Legacy Footprint® that they can pass on to the next generation of farmers.

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Seer Snively

Seer Snively is our IT guy, project manager, and man about town. More info on Seer can be found at his website, Gamehendge.org

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Humboldt Green

At the Epicenter of all things Green. We are Experienced Cannabis Cultivators, Education & Event Producers, and Community Organizers.

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Joe Moran

Joe Moran, known for his "Joe Knows" segments on Social Media, is our lead planner at 1 Degree Consulting and a driving force in Humboldt events for the last 25 years.